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April 2020

Come Have a Magical Experience With Me!

It is almost impossible for me to describe how truly incredible our trip to Africa is. I worked really hard to make sure there is enough wildlife viewing with up close and personal experiences, enough activity (not just on a safari truck all day) such as hiking, biking, hunting and cooking and enough cultural interaction where you have a chance to talk with and learn the traditions of the people who live in these beautiful countries in East Africa—all while staying in beautiful African lodges. For those who only want to do part of the trip, that is fine. We also have itineraries to extend your stay in Rwanda and itineraries for Kilimanjaro if you want to climb it while in the neighborhood.

In fact, I’m not going to try to describe it- See the pictures in the video above and then call me to reserve your space. 847-414-4956

The next trip is planned for end of January because that is when the wildebeest give birth so there are thousands of babies. I know it is soon and I know that this is not a cheap trip, but it is worth every dime.  Therefore, for anyone who can sign up before Sept. 29 (great way to start the new year) I will offer a truly remarkable installment payment plan- with no catch and that is you have a monthly payment for eleven months.  That means you sign up in September, you pay two months and then for the next 10 months – until next July you pay a monthly fee. 

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Travel Insurance: The best you can do to prepare for the unexpected. Whether you're signing up for our trip or others, or just traveling on your own, be protected
Not sure whether to travel? We have you covered. This one also covers you if you get or are exposed to COVID right before or during your trip.
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