Event Consulting
Your event should be unique. It should be memorable. It should create a bond. Steppin’ Out Adventures can help you make your activity effective, remarkable and fun. After 25 years of bringing people together, we have a established history of planning unforgettable events that result in shared memories, experiences and connections.
Give Back Programs
Do Good Adventures™, a division of Steppin’ Out Adventures, helps organizations plan and implement adventures that do good. We work with businesses, foundations, schools and non-profit organizations to create group trips, team-building events and fundraisers that help promote philanthropy and volunteerism. Our specialty is creating lasting cross-generational bonds between employees, customers, business partners and families.

Over the past 15 years, we have engaged in hundreds of discussions with people while leading groups throughout the world. Many are concerned that challenges with modern society prevent the next generation from understanding the personal and societal value that comes from philanthropy and volunteerism. Our goal is through events and travel to bring families together and to set an example for the next generation by doing

We also create adventures designed for former CEOs and high level executives that encourages share their knowledge and experience with eager local entrepreneurs in developing countries. As a group or as an individual, you will review the local enterprise’s initiatives, providing mentorship and practical solutions for the businesses to apply. Though this interaction with rising local entrepreneurs, your collective guidance can create leaders who will play a role in reducing poverty in their communities.

Steppin' Out experts know how to spotlessly plan and execute fundraisers. Not only do we add a creative touch, but we bring together volunteers in a meaningful way that has them coming back to serve again and again. We know how to organize a program from conception to completion and can take the entire project off your hands or just certain pieces. We have helped not-for-profits not only with the logistics of producing successful events, but with our experience we can also recruit and enable influencers for marketing expansion purposes and solicit and secure advertisers, sponsors and in-kind donations.
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Not sure whether to travel? We have you covered. This one also covers you if you get or are exposed to COVID right before or during your trip.
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